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When is a good time to move?

Moving is preference and circumstantial related so narrowing down a good time to move is hard, but there are times of the year that more activity is happening in the Texas market, and that could indicate a good time to sell and move. We’ve helped hundreds of Texas residents transition to new living and we can do the same for you. You pick your close and move date.

How much does moving typically cost?

Cost of moving all depends on where and how far you are moving. Here is a simple moving calculator that can help you calculate your specific moving costs. Some things that drive the cost of moving up are long-distance moving, hiring movers, and the amount of stuff you are moving. We’d love to give you a free estimate on your home and include our free move service to anywhere locally. We can help assist in long-distance moves as well, but certain restrictions and charges will apply. No matter how much you have available in funds to move, we can get creative and provide custom solutions that solve all problems. We pay closing costs too.

When I’m selling my home can I buy another?

Yes! If you are in a cash positive situation you will want to purchase a home quickly. Obviously, you will need to coordinate closing on your old home and your new home simultaneously. Sometimes it can be a real headache to coordinate closing dates. You also want to work with a local reputable home buyer that you can trust to successfully close on your home on the day you need. If things don’t go according to plan, you may be stuck paying extra payments while you try to find a new buyer. Watch the signs to indicate you are working with an upfront, honest buyer. BBB accredited home buyer.

Who’s buying my home and helping me move?

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Grapevine TX home that was purchased in December 2019 from Steven K. “They completely helped me by purchasing my home, securing a new home for me and my wife, and guided us through the whole process. We landed in our new home right before the holidays!”

We’ve been rated A+ by the BBB and maintain a 5+ star rating on Google. Not all problems are created equal, so we’re here to help provide custom solutions via our free consultation. If you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t have to move forward. There’s no obligation to use our service so it’s our job and duty to make sure you are completely satisfied with our offer and proposal. Free Same Day / Next Day Local Service.

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What’s the typical timeframe for selling and moving?

The timeframe is up to you, the seller. You can always get the ball rolling earlier to help you fully prepare and know what to expect ahead of time. Often times, knowing all the options early on can actually help tremendously. Once we set the date that works best for you, we can get to work handling all the details so you can keep focusing on what’s important. Free Friendly Local Consultation.


Congratulation on completing the paperwork on a new home! But very soon the excitement of settling down in your new home will wear off, and the feeling that this huge move will leave your energy drained out will set in. Do not worry, this article will help you point out those things you need to do to be able to make your move a smooth and manageable one.

Moving to a new environment or home requires a lot of careful planning if not, you should be ready for a roller-coaster ride. In actual fact, planning and organizing beforehand like 1 to 2 months prior to moving is perfect to make room for changes and other allowances brought about by unexpected circumstances. Below are the most common expert-approved tips to keep you sane when planning a big move to your new home.

Precise cost estimation

The moving process can be rather confusing for people who have little or no relocation experience. With so many things to do before relocating, it is quite easy for someone to get puzzled as to how to start the preparation period.

As soon as your moving is confirmed, the very first thing to do is to get the cost estimate for the whole process. Bear in mind that this will determine how you’ll approach the entire relocating process. So, it is important to have a professional visit your home so as to give you the precise cost estimation for the whole process.

 Make and follow a moving checklist

Following a moving checklist is key to a well-organized moving process. Due to the overwhelming number of pre-move tasks waiting to be completed, the preparation phase often turns to be tedious. You need to organize yourself in order to have a successful move from start to finish. To do so, take total control of the situation by following a moving checklist. This will not only list the most important things to do, but I’ll guide you on how to go about it and how much time you’ve got to complete a task.

Declutter your home

Moving every single item, you own without decluttering your home is a common relocating mistake. To avoid this common error, do a thorough check and get rid of all unwanted items.

Hire Professional Movers

Hiring good movers is actually the best way to go about this situation. Many people often believe that this option is a lot more expensive, but it is clearly not the case. However, organizing a self-move (all by yourself) can really hurt your budget.

Professional movers offer customized relocation solutions that will fit your moving budget. Sell Home Maverick has helped hundreds of individuals transition to new areas just within Texas. Additionally, they are transparent, responsive, and come insured so that you know your valuable possessions will be secured. Hire Sell Home Maverick and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything!

Note; Moving out or relocating can be more stressful than you think. It is actually impossible to complete this task all alone. It is important to get someone to help you out.

The moving day itself can be very dangerous. There are so many things involved. So, it is very possible to forget some or even get injured. Therefore, safety and vigilance should be a top-priority task for you. Do not be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake – simply, find the best possible ways to make things good again!