Are you inheriting a home?

There’s an array of emotions one can experience when inheriting a home. You may have lived in the home and may even have many wonderful memories attached to the home. No matter what the situation is, you’ll have a few questions. Here are some of the top questions we receive regarding inherited homes, paying taxes, and siblings.. Let’s jump in.

What do I do with a home equity loan on inherited property?

If there is currently a HELOC on the home, you’ll still need to continue to pay the payments. If you think the amount of the HELOC on top of the mortgage is more than the home is worth you have some options. Get a cash offer from a local trusted home buyer by having them come out to check out the home. If you’re out of state, other arrangements can be made to get the offer. Next, have a local trusted reputable title company open up title and run a title search. This will expose any open liens, mortgages, or outstanding taxes due. You can also request a HUD document showing if you sold the property, how much you would stand to make when it’s all said and done.

Do I pay tax when I inherit a home?

It’s very favorable tax-wise when you sell an inherited home. The capital gains tax basis is based on the value of the property as of the date of the death. Example. John inherits a house from his father. He paid 100,000 for it 25 years ago, however at the time John’s father passed, the homes fair market value was $275,000. One year later John sells the home for $280,000. The tax basis is only $5,000. This is not the amount of taxes you will pay but is the taxable amount from the sale of the property. If you sold your home for less than the taxable basis you have a capital loss than can be used as a deduction against the taxes on your ordinary income.

How do I transfer inherited home title?

Do I have to report capital gains on an inherited home?

Selling an inherited home?

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How to report the sale of an inherited home?

My Inherited Home Was Sold At A Loss?

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How do I buy out my siblings in an inherited home?

What is the home still has a mortgage?

If the property still has a mortgage, contact the lender to discuss taking over the loan if you intend to take over the payments. This is not automatic so you could have to apply for a new loan. If you plan on selling give us a call for a no-obligation free consultation.

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