Breaking Down Building Trust & Rapport #1

When it comes to real estate, there’s many ways you can be involved in a real estate transaction. There is no right, or wrong way, as long as everything is kept above board and is legal and ethical, there is a way for all parties involved to benefit. 

“It’s almost 2020 and now more than ever we have access to more data than ever before. We can all see what the house down the street sold for and what the comps look like. Everyone on the block knows.”

Customer Service is #1

It changes the game to customer service and how well you can build rapport. Does your client know they can call you anytime and you will make them your top priority? Do they feel automatic trust from the second they meet you to the finish of the deal?

The automatic stigma is defense until you break down these barriers and build that trust with the clients you are working with. We are continually letting our team know the first priority at Sell Home Maverick is not the commission, not the sale, but our top priority is our customers and making sure they get the service they can trust. Over and over.

So why so important? Good question.. There’s over 2 million active real estate agents in the U.S. That doesn’t include investors / wholesalers. This means there is a good chance that another individual or company is actively trying to make offers, offer to list, offer to rent, offer to owner finance, offer offer etc. Homeowners have offers.

Why not be the one that builds the best rapport, presents all the options, and gets to work with the homeowner? I’ve had clients that were so defensive and offensive within the first 2-5 minutes of speaking it was hard to maintain, but by the end of the deal they left me one of the best reviews we have ever received. How? By having compassion. Compassion for their situation, what they were dealing with, and simply listening and providing the most value and asking for their business in the end.

How are some ways we can overcome the bad vibes and turn the client?

Start by listening.

It shows a lot when someone is ranting and hyper concerned about a particular issue and you are able to just listen, don’t be phased by what’s being said, but calmly think of solutions to the problem. Wait until they are completely done speaking. I even wait a little bit longer so that when I do speak, they are waiting actively to hear what I have to say about it. Then you are already creating value because they want to hear your solution.

Ask Questions.

When you can successfully ask the right question it

1. Builds credibility.

2. Shows you listened because your questions are directly related to them.

3. Let’s the customer know you are on the same page so they can trust what you are saying.

Always use social proof in what you are saying and relate it back to previous experiences you’ve had with other customers that directly relates to their current situation.

Be Relatable.

Letting the homeowner know you are a likable person and you can relate to different things inside their home (eg pictures, pets, workout machine, memorabilia, odd things in the house etc) try to use this to find common ground.

Laugh and talk like a normal human.

Break the bad vibes by having some laughs after you find that common ground. Say things that will perhaps trigger the client to tell you a brief story about something related. When you enter story mode, this is when you know you’ve done a great job building a lot of rapport and you’ve already beat 95% of the rest of the real estate professionals.


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