Can I Sell My House Without A Realtor?

The short and simple answer is YES, their a couple different options when attempting to sell your house without a realtor.


List your home on MLS on through a listing agent for a flat fee. Show the home and sell it yourself.


Sell it in as-is condition to a cash buyer like Savvi Buys Houses. Or someone who would like to buy it for cash.





Selling the home yourself includes a bit of work but usually nets you more money in the end. The best time to sell your home is in the spring or summer. 


  1. Start with clearing the home of any clutter, personal photos and any other things that detract from the look of your home. Clear out anything you are storing in your Garage, Closets, Shed,  and any other areas you might store stuff. You may try getting a storage unit or moving it to your next house. 


Next deep clean the house. Scrub counters, floors, tubs, showers, appliances. Deep clean the carpets. Make sure the home looks and smells fresh. No one wants to move into a house that feels old and lived in. 


Make small updates to the home in attempts to bring it up to 2020 standards. Anything that looks dated and old considers updating it. Whether it be floors, countertops, appliances…anything that makes the house feel old should be updated.

Don’t forget the outside of the home the curb appeal as they say in the real estate business. The outside of the home is what most people see first and develop their first impressions on. Make sure to trim the trees and bushes and consider laying fresh mulch in flower beds. It is a cheap and easy way to make your home look fresh. Pressure wash any front walkways and your driveway to make it look clean.


  1. Photograph your home. Make sure your home is as bright as possible a dark home is dreary and miserable. Use natural and artificial light to make it look vibrant and fresh. Stage your home with nice-looking items only. Clear off counters and make sure there is no extra clutter. Then take photos of your home.

  1. Price your home and list it on MLS. Look online at other homes in your neighborhood and what they have sold for after all this is what real estate agents do when they are deciding a good list price. Price it competitively you want to sell the home not keep it. Use a listing company that will charge you a flat fee to list it online. They usually charge a few hundred dollars and they will list it in several places including Zillow,, and more.


  1. Put out signs and hold an open house. Make sure your home is looking clean and fresh and hold an open house. Let your listing company know to post online what days your open house will be. Set out some light refreshments. Studies show that the smell of baking cookies help to make a house feel homey and help sell homes. However, recognizable scents such as citrus, pine, basil, cedar, vanilla, and cinnamon have been found the most desirable by buyers.


Know the selling points of your home. You know your home better than anyone. Be sure to point those things out to potential buyers. Those things are important to buyers and could be major selling points for you and your home.


  1. Negotiate with potential buyers yourself. Typically if a buyer is interested in your home they will submit a contract you can either accept the contract or revise it and send it back. This is usually a back and forth process until both parties agree and sign. Most states have a standard real estate contract. Contact an attorney if you would like to have the contract reviewed.


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