Can You Sell A Property Online Case Study

There’s no doubt the internet has changed the game in a lot of spaces, so what about home sales?

According to, Real estate websites were the most important source of information when it comes to looking for a house to purchase, slightly outperforming real estate agents as of 2018. However, not only are websites an important source of information, but mobile and tablet search engines are also becoming a popular means to find real estate, especially for young people. But what about selling a home? We did some data research and found some Texas home buyers on google and submitted a home to each one to test the outcome. Here are the results.
1 The address submitted to 10 companies.
We waited for about 24 hours and we heard back from 1 company. This company refused to come visit the home until we signed a legally binding contract.
Round 2.
We submitted 1 address to 20 more companies.
Within 48 hours we had heard back from 5 companies.
Company 1 was unable to purchase the home because “all of their people were out of town until further notice”
Company 2 also refused to give me an offer until I signed a legally binding contract. This contract stated the buyer could back out of the deal for any reason and also that the price would change between 11-27 thousand dollars based on findings during the inspection period. That can’t be a good feeling for actual homeowners we thought.. but then it got better.
Company 3 kindly informed us that because the home was built prior to 1999 they would require a 30 day inspection period and also we would have to sell the home for 60% of its as-is value.
Company 4 was very eager to come to visit and meet with us, and I will say they were very polite but that’s because they didn’t have the cash to purchase the home. They wanted to do an owner finance deal.
Company 5 was very impatient over the phone and made a few unsettling remarks like “well if you want to much for the house you’ll never sell it” and “do you want to sell the house or not”.
After 1 week 3 of the other companies started to reach out but by then we had already sold the home to an all-cash buyer.
Main Takeaways
Once you have a bad experience you can’t undo it, it’s also very difficult to justify giving business to a company that can’t treat you right.
If you want to sell your home for fast cash, and get great service we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the process to make it as easy as possible.
Online companies don’t know the value of your home because they haven’t seen it. Get a confident offer today for any house by giving us a call or filling the Form to Get Started.

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