Selling A TX Home For The Most In As-Is Condition

When you’re preparing to sell your home and you’re thinking of all the things that must take place to successfully get cash for your home and pay off any existing liens or mortgages, you may have some questions like – what should you price your home at? How will you bring trusted buyers to your home? How will you make sure they are capable of closing on the day you choose?

We’ve seen scenarios where homeowners had completely left their home, arranged other means of living, all to have a buyer not perform at the closing and have multiple residences and no backup buyer for their home.

Yikes, not a good scenario right?

Or even times when a buyer states they will purchase your home at a said price, then writes a contract that gives time to do inspections and negotiate the price down.

Over the years we’ve helped these homeowners in the end sell their home with no stress and on time so they could keep taking care of the important things.

One way Sell Home Maverick LLC differentiates from every other We Buy Houses service is

  • We work directly with every situation. We are willing to come to your home to evaluate all the information that YOU give us. You know the home best.
  • If you don’t accept our offer, we are willing (with your permission) to bring select qualified cash buyers to your home to your home to increase the chances of possibly getting a higher offer.
  • If you want to list your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for ultimate exposure we can list your home for only 1%. *

How can an online company pay more, when they’ve never even stepped in your front door?

We come to you, we want to know directly who we are working with and the exact condition and situation with the home, so we can give you the best option for you.

In the end, what’s best for you is best for us. Give us a call when you’re ready to start the process!

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